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February 04, 2009



As a Bengals fan I hope you are right. However I would hope to have heard John Thorton coming back and adding to the locker room too.

I thought last year the Defense was the strong point, but I lack faith in the management not the players.

I feel as long as Mike Brown is running things WhoDeyRevolution will be around, and that any hopes I have will be false hopes.

I hope I am wrong.


I like the optimism, but I can't match it. The teams they played at the end of the season didn't prove anything to me. So they beat teams as bad or worse than they were... Color me unimpressed. The offensive line can't protect and the d-line can't pressure. Until those two things change, and in 18 years they haven't much, I won't be sold on the Bengals.


Great job John. I agree, i think we should improve greatly. The offense cant get worst and an improve offense take pressure off an improving d. This team still needs an ID. I think we take the backer from usc, and one of the top centers with the second pick. Let tj walk It's y we drafted the wideouts last year.


Great work John. I enjoy the blog as it has become one of my daily must reads. You provide a unique perspective that is appreciated as a die hard Bengals fan.

Derek from Kentucky

Hey John, great blog. I'm a diehard Bengals fan and one of the few who continues to wear Bengals apparel on just about a daily basis, despite the disappointing season. I hope you're right. Keep up the good work!

Gordon Brown

First, John, love your blog- and love the way you've conducted yourself both on and off the field as a Bengal.

My theory is thus; if we move Andrew Whitworth to RT, opposite Anthony Collins, let Stacy go and Levi recuperate, keep Nate Livings at LG opposite Bobbie Williams, and draft an Alex Mack or Max Unger at center in the second round, we'd leave that first round pick for either defense or an offensive playmaker. I think we can assume that Michael Crabtree is off the board to Seattle at 4, making Missouri's Jeremy Maclin the best available athlete. But on defense, we have several options. Rush end/OLB hybrids like Brian Orakpo, Everette Brown, and Aaron Maybin, pure LBs like Aaron Curry and Rey Maulauga, or the star of the Senior Bowl, NT B.J. Raji out of Boston College.

Couple questions:

With so much invested already at end with Geathers and Odom, is picking an end that high even economically feasible?

Would an aggressive, hardhitting backer like Maulauga help the improving defense establish an identity?

Maybe most importantly, does the potential of Jason Shirley in reserve, combined with you, Domato, and the quickly learning Pat Sims make the idea of picking the runstopping Raji unnecessary?

If you were calling the shots- and without specifying individual players, what position would you most like addressed with out pick at #6.

Thanks and keep up the good work, Gordon.

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