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February 10, 2009



You consider mike brown as a buddy?

larry miles

the bengals need to draft the defensive tackle from boston college to have some sembilence of a dominant defensive front seven in order to compete in the afc north


You make a good point. You told us what position you think they shouldnt take. So what do you think they should do with the 6th pick?

Gordon Brown


Given the showing of Collins and even Nate Livings, wouldn't it be an option to move Whit to RT opposite Collins, let Livings pair with Bobbie, and draft a stud center in round two?

Assuming then that OT and WR are the wrong direction to take in the first round, which defensive player would be your choice if you were making the call?

As it stands today, pre-Combine, I'd go with Rey Maulauga.


Hey JT, love your website and getting a player's point of view on all the same things I love. Technology, football, and Bengals football. I noticed that you left Levi Jones out of your lineup. Have his injuries and requests to be traded signal the end of the road in Cincy? I agree that they cannot draft a right tackle-only type of player with the 6th pick unless he is the 2nd coming of Willie Anderson. What are your thoughts on taking Rey Maualuga with that 6th pick? Some will say that is too high for a linebacker that has coverage issues. I say, he is the type of player that can help give a defense an identity.


I agree with your overall assessment of the possition, and I suspect that you have a much better idea of what it takes to be a starting offensive lineman thant I do, but I would counter with this.

While Ofeensive tackle would be a need pick it might also be the best value pick. In my opinion, the Bengals can not draft a Quarterback, Cornerback, Defensive Tackle or Defensive End with the number 6 pick because of the presence of Carson Palmer, Jonathon Joseph, Leon Hall, Robert Geathers, Domato Peko, and Pat Sims, all of which are young talented starters, or holders of large contracts. The exception might be a corner if you expect Jonathon Joseph will not be resigned when his contract is up. There are no Safeties or tight ends worth a top 6 pick. I am against picking a running back with the 6th pick becasue of the early injury history of Kenny Irons, Chris Perry, and Ki-jana Carter. I am against picking a Wide Reciever at the 6th spot because due to the presence of Chad Johnson, Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell, because wide Recievers typically take the most time to develop in the NFL. The Bengals have never taken a linbacker higher than last years ninth pick, and I think that number 6 overall is too high to take a linebacker that is not expected to produce sacks or turnovers. Number 6 overall is too high to take any guard, center, or fullback. That leaves the number 6 pick for an Offensive tackle, a linebacker, or trading down. I think that the best option may be to move back 3-5 palces and take a middle linebacker or defensive end. The number 6 pick can expect around 40 million dollars, which I think is too much to spend on an unproven player that fills a need except for offensive tackle.


TJ was 7th rd pick
Ocho Cinco and Carl Pickens were 2nd rd

The only 1st rd WR pick I can remember from
bengals was, Peter Warrick...

I feel pretty good about 1st rd pick of
A. Smith/J. Smith/Monroe/Oher and
a second rd pick of
Alex Mack/Max Unger
Whats the point of having Carson if
you won't protect him. If I was Carson I'd be
in someone's ear about making o-line a
priority, and who could blame him?

Jim Robinson


I agree with not taking a tackle that high, but for different reasons. I think they should move Collins to Right tackle and Whitworth to left tackle. They could be the tackles for years to come. Collins was a fourth round pick. Why not draft one later in the draft.

Do you think it would be a good idea to pick up a center in free agency like Steussie or Faine? I know Steussie is older but has a lot of exp. Faine has only played for 5 years.

I would like to see them sign Ray Lewis and draft Raji. That D would be awesome! I also would like to see you stay and play some D end. Let me know your thoughts.

Last thought I hope they sign Crocker and Benson!




How tough is the move from LT to RT? You talk about AC at the LT position as if it's set in stone, but what about moving him to RT and taking Monroe? Personally, I think Monroe will be the best player available at #6.

I know some people have suggested moving Whit to RT, but I disagree with that option. Whit has dominated some of the best DTs in the game and it will be more valuable to the Bengals to have one of the best LGs in the game than to experiment at LG and RT at the same time.

Also, I look forward to reading your answer to Gordon's question regarding Levi.

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